Congratulations! You've found the secret corridor. Here you can learn a few tricks to try on your friends. You also have the power to make me appear for you (call for a booking today!).

The real secret of illusion isn't in "the trick" but in the presentation. You'll need to find your own ways to "hook" your audience on you and what you're doing and not just "the trick." That's the real magic. It's the difference between knowing how a piano works and how to really play. Next, the more people you keep the secret from the more fun you can have. If you know only one trick really well you can have hours of fun because people will keep trying to figure it out. If you just tell the secret you've lost an audience. In "the secret corridor" I'm sharing a few simple "tricks of the trade" as a thank-you for visiting my page and reading this far. They are things you can do.

Magic is always a venture of discovery. Pick up a pack of playing cards and playfully examine them. When you find something most people don't notice you have the beginning of a trick.

Try this: Place the entire deck of cards in the case and jiggle the case up and down. If you get the right "knack" you will find one card will begin to rise out of the deck. Notice if this is the top, bottom or middle card. This is due to imperfection in every pack. Once you know "the secret spot" in your deck, you can get a selected card to "rise" out of the case as you jiggle the deck (if it is placed in that part of the deckyou notice before).