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How would you like to have these comments about your next assembly?

" Students were riveted..."

"...educational AND entertaining."

"...they paid..attention to message..."

"...positive rapport with all age groups"

"...enjoyed by all the children AND adults"

"...exciting and very interesting..."


My school programs are guaranteed to hold kids attention no matter the age.

THEY become part of the program and constantly involved in the fun. As a credentialed teacher, I can tie any message needed to the magic and still make it fun. It's important to me that the kids learn to feel good about themselves and not just get "hyped-up" to be "let loose"! My program is constucted to promote good feelings, as well as leave them with a lasting message. Whether its reading, self-esteem, or another subject you'd like to highlight, Bill Jackson's Magical Wonder Show keeps it full of WONDER and full of FUN.

"Reading IS Magic!"

Kids will talk about this show the rest of the year! Created for "Read Across America," this program is wonderful anytime to promote reading. Great for "After School" programs or Libraries. The “Reading IS Magic.” show creates positive, entertaining, and long lasting visual associations with reading. The show is interactive and will have students chanting the magic words such as, ‘READ ABOUT IT,” to unleash the wonders. Various genres of literature are magically explored. Students help me create a magical tale using the three “C’s” of "CHARACTERS, CONFLICT & CONCLUSION. The actual routines I include vary year to year and with the age group, but usually include an illusiionette such as the "Princess" walking through a rope, or floating on a magic carpet! Clocks magically appear reminding it’s ‘TIME TO READ!” A real live “Wonderland” bunny make an appearance (that "Alice" would surely chase to the library). Book covers transform into a banner with the magic words, "READ ABOUT IT." The young ones squeal with delight to see the magic “Bookworm” peek in to teach me EVERY book is a MAGIC book! Everything is done with the kind of mystery that engages kids to “seek out” discoveries. Students learn of the power of books to transform lives is such demonstrations as “Airhead Ben,” which begins as a silly tale of a boy who “loses his head” watching TV and has it replaced by a balloon. This magical tale then transforms, all because “Reading IS Magic,” into the true story of how “Ben” became an author and famous surgeon at John Hopkins University. They learn the library is a “magical” place. Program costs vary with travel, multiple bookings and size of the show. However, a single 30 minute presentation begins at $350. Discounts for multiple shows. The show can be adapted to highlight particular books or ideas educators wish to have included!

"YES I CAN" Magic Show

In my "Yes I Can" Magic show, kids are inspired to believe in themselves. That's the best way to avoid the dangerous addictions of drugs and alcohol. You can imagine the smiles, laughter and good feelings they will take home with them! And the visual magic makes the messages easy to remember.

For example, in one of my magical routines I involve all the kids in the "ABCs" of staying drug-free. I tell them they can ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL if they:

  1. AVOID places they know drugs may be present,
  2. BELIEVE in themselves & take care of their BODY
  3. CHOOSE what is right, even if friends don't want to. Remember CHARACTER COUNTS!

The message ends with an unforgettable visual that reminds them how easy it is to be tricked into choosing the wrong thing and NO ONE should fool with drugs or alcohol.

During another segment, I am chained up while explaining the power of addictions. Then in a bit that will have the kids laughing and screaming I escape as I have them repeat something Houdini wrote: "My brain is the Key that sets me Free!" And I end with a message of the importance of taking care of our bodies.

These messages are repeated in different ways, along with stories and magic that kids will not only remember BUT TALK ABOUT.

Please keep in mind that this is a real educational experience. One that will have a positive impact on all who attend. Yes, it's fun but it's so much more. In fact, "Yes I CAN!" is a great tie in with the school's health curriculum which covers decision making and drug awareness.

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Other Programs also available.

Ask about the "Magic in Reading" or my special "Fun Rewards" program.


"Thank you for performing your magic show for us. It was really exciting and very interesting...You're GREAT!"
-Jeanne Hoban, GATE teacher at Plum Valley School
" Students were riveted on his gestures and demonstrations, so they paid equal attention to his messages of self worth, confidence and power to resist drugs, tobacco and alcohol...He's good. I plan to have him back for another program"
-Weldon Papa, Principal of Bird Street School, Oroville CA
"...The shows were enjoyed by all the children and adults in attendance. The children enjoyed the audience participation and an important, "Say No to Drugs", message was well received. The shows were educational and entertaining."
-Lorna Smallwood, Project Coordinator for Colusa Department of Health

"Everyone really enjoyed the program. Exceeded expectations... very entertaining, the magic was great. Definitely would have you back again.

-Angela McCann, Emma Wison Elementary School, Chico, CA

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