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Curly\'s calling Card

Curly's calling Card

Article from Nashville, Tennessee News

Prophet Of Old Alive Today

Rarely does anything so bordering on the clearly supernatural happen anymore. But as Curly Owen approaches the pulpit, it Is as a Prophet of Old stepping Into the present moment, like John the Baptist stepping from the Holy pages into Nashvllle. I

In the past Curly Owen was known as a bare-knuckle, big spending and fast living sports figure. He was the sparring partner of Max Baer, the worlds heavyweight boxing champion, a promoter influential in putting live world boxing champions into the ring, a ‘I close friend to world celebrities, a night club owner, a millionaire business man.

But in the midst of this “easy come, easy go” wild and reckless liIe, Curly had a mother, who, unknown to him, withdrew in prayer and fasting until her son would· become a Christian. While she prayed this square shouldered, raw boned, big fisted young man was literally snatched inward to his senses for no apparent human reason. He became a Christian, and a few days later discovered that he had a total recall of the entire Bible. With no theological training and no I professional credentials he found him self compelled to preach … and when he preached the prophets of old seemed a to leap through his lips. He d never prepared a sermon. He didn’t know how; never having read the Bible.

‘When he reaches the pulpit, he momentarily gazes toward Heaven, as if for instructions. Suddenly verses of scripture, as on a scroll, appear in his his mind and he utters what he I sees. The experience is almost uncanny, with no human logic behind It. Many of the verses he gives fluently are totally unknown to him, but he gives them with accuracy. As he speaks a general theme becomes evident. He will quote from seventy-five to a hundred verses in a sermon, each with penetrating and probing power. As the scriptures are stated, individuals in the audience will recognize and later report that beyond any coincidence, Mr. Owen had to have some special knowledge of the specific circumstances of their lives or God supernaturally had directed the! verse to them. At times the speaker will say, “I have a verse for you” and give the scriptural text to a specific person. Frequently these particular texts have awesome and exact relevance for the person receiving them.

Curley Owen is representing the Cauliflower Alley Club of Hollywood, California and is the chaplain for all boxers and wrestlers in America. He is a Southern Baptist evangelist.
As he feels inwardly directed, he goes across the country to offer his ministry. Results are phenomenal.

What Others Have Said

Robert Ripley of ‘Believe It or Not’ fame:
‘Curly Owen is the human waking Bible and has a phenomenal gift from God. He can quote the entire Bible of 31,173 verses when he is anointed by the Spirit of God, not from memory but as a gift from God.’

Bob Hope:
‘Curly is the champion when it comes to Bible preaching.’

Jack Dempsey:
‘Curly preaches with power. He made Christ real to me.’

Max Baer, world’s heavyweight boxing champion:

‘Curly preaches with the punch he had in the ring. I was saved by Curly’s preaching of Christ.

Phote of Jerry Owen at Eskdale

Phote of Jerry Owen at Eskdale

Back of Curly\'s card

Back of Curly's card



Bob Hope with Jerry

Bob Hope with Jerry

Curly Owen with Max Baer and Bob Hope. Curly was the main sparing partner to the world heavyweight champion and accompanied Bob Hope on entertainment tours.

Jerry with Red

Jerry with Red

Red Grange, the great Illinois “Galloping Ghost,” taught Curly to be a great running back.

Jerry and Dempsy

Jerry and Dempsy

Jack Dempsey taught Curly how to box and in 1970 was led to Christ by Curly Owen.


As a post script to the tale of “Curly Owen’s,” I’ve search over the years and found little to confirm Jerry Owen claims. I did however find him mentioned in connection with the shooting of Bobby Kennedy. This was a surprise that added more to the mystery than cleared anything up for me.

Jerry Owen is mention in the books “The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy* (1978, 1993) and ” Rearview Mirror” (2001) as a possible con man whose real name was Oliver Brindley Owen. Owen is said to have been fifty-five at the time of the assassination.

Book Review: The Assassination
of Robert F. Kennedy

By James DiEugenio

An attorney named George Davis was the San Francisco lawyer for Rev. Jerry Owen aka The Walking Bible. In 1968, Owen was like a low-rent Jerry Falwell, a traveling evangelist preacher. Owen had voluntarily gone to the Los Angeles Police Department with information about his meeting with Sirhan Sirhan just prior to the RFK assassination. That internal inquiry within the LAPD was called Special Unit Senator (SUS). The two men running it, Manny Pena, and Hank Hernandez, had no use for Owen even though his story seemed quite interesting and relevant. He said that he had encountered Sirhan the day before the California primary of June 4, 1968. Sirhan had been hitchhiking with a friend when Owen picked him up. The conversation turned to horses, and Owen told Sirhan he actually owned some. Since he was a former jockey, Sirhan told him he would be interested in buying one. A pair of Sirhan’s companions–a male and female–arranged with Owen to return the following evening to the back of the Ambassador Hotel. They gave him a hundred dollars down, and promised two hundred more upon delivery. Owen said he could not fulfill the offer since he had a preaching appointment in Oxnard on the night of June 4th. On June 5th, traveling back from Oxnard, Owen stopped at a dinette in a hotel. He looked up at the TV and saw a photo of Sirhan-who he had known as “Joe”. He then reported this information to the police. Some of the story seemed to make sense, e.g. Sirhan had four hundred dollar bills on him when apprehended, witness Sandra Serrano later reported that Sirhan had entered the Ambassador that night with a male and female companion. Owen said that after making his police report he began to get threatening calls. Deciding he better get out of LA, he stayed at a friend’s house in Napa Valley. That friend knew Davis. Davis heard the story, got it into the local papers, and called a news conference. Turner and Christian, both reporters at the time, arrived at his office to hear it. It never came off. SUS got wind of it and immediately flew up Pena and Hernandez to stop it. Davis complied, but he got Turner a private one-hour interview with Owen. Owen told him what happened, and Turner taped it. And like an old-fashioned adventure story, this is what sets the two protagonists out on “a tale full of sound and fury”. But unlike Shakespeare, it signifies a lot.

Here Jerry is mentioned in a different review of these books:

Jerry Owen, born in Ohio, and after leaving University of California–Los Angeles he became a sparring partner for ex-heavyweight boxer Max Baer… Police discovered he had a history of “various suspicious and illegal activities.” He was arrested on suspicion of robbery in 1930 but was released. He was involved in several paternity and extramarital investigations and had made insurance claims for six fires in his “church” properties. One insurance claim was denied because of fraud. In 1963 he was arrested in Cosa Mesa, California, on a fugitive warrant from Tucson, Arizona, for arson with the intent to defraud an insurance company. He was convicted of three counts of arson and sentenced to serve eight to ten years in prison. His case was successfully appealed in 1966. Several police informants called him a “confidence man,” and he had used his evangelical position to seduce a number of women over the years.

Jerry Owen volunteered information to the LAPD that he had met Sirhan and “another Mexican-looking kid” as they were hitch-hiking for a ride in downtown Los Angeles at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, June 3. Owen said he took them up Wilshire Boulevard to Vermont, where they got out of the car and spoke to a tall dark man and a nineteen- or twenty-year-old girl with long dirty blonde hair. Sirhan purportedly returned to the vehicle and asked for a ride to Hollywood. Sirhan allegedly told Owen he was an exercise boy and wanted to buy a horse. Owen then purportedly offered to sell him one and agreed a sale price—$300.

Owen allegedly dropped Sirhan off at the Ambassador for ten minutes before they headed for the Hollywood Ranch Market. Sirhan promised to pay Owen for the horse, but Sirhan’s “friends” turned up instead to give Owen a down payment. Sirhan told Owen he would give him the rest of the money at a meeting behind the Ambassador Hotel the following night, Tuesday, June 4. In interviews with police officers in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Owen was given a polygraph test and lied repeatedly about his prison record and other matters. He also failed to identify Sirhan in a group of ten photographs.

The SUS eventually found witnesses who challenged Owen’s story. According to the LAPD Summary Report, the police proved that Owen had not only been inconsistent with his story but had also lied about many events that allegedly occurred.

  1. Audrey Casper says:

    Did you know Jerry Owen?

  2. I met Jerry on my walk across America while staying at a “commune” in the desert. We spent several days with him and he was full of incredible stories. While trying to substantiate his stories I came across the more nefarious tales…
    You can read my encounter with Jerry here in the tale about my walk

    Since writing this, I found links to these other documents about him:
    Jerry’s actual police statements recorded!http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?absPageId=1100822






    Michael Ruppert, a former LAPD officer who left the department to expose his CIA trainers, speaks of it. “Sirhan Sirhan was hypno-programmed using hypnosis, drugs and torture by, among others, the Reverend Jerry Owen and CIA mind-control specialist William Bryan at a stable where he worked months before the shooting. Also working there at the same time was Thomas Bremer, the brother of Arthur Bremer, who in 1972 shot Presidential contender George Wallace.” [7] Arthur Bremer’s sister, Gail Aiken, was nearly called by the prosecution to testify in the trial of Sirhan — that is, defense attorney Mike Wayland informed the judge that he intended to grill the witness on the stand — but she briskly left town. [8] “Ask yourself what you believe about the existence of democracy in this country,” Ruppert suggests, “and what you believe about the fate of ANY Presidential candidate not sanctioned by the powers that be before the ‘race’ is run.”

  3. lorene beaty says:

    jerry and his wife and step daughter came to sonoma calif to preach at our church. we even got to meet jack dempsey. heck we were just country folk. jerry told my dad the same story about sirhan and was in fear of his stept daugher julie pepitone if at all that was her name. we were the same age. he left julie with us for a month.i finally had a sister.we went to school together in sonoma high freshman year.she told me that jerry was molesting her and she could not tell her mother because she would not beleive her.she did not want to leave us because she felt safe with us.when they came back to get her they told us they had to go in hideing of the killing of kennedy. julie where are you.


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